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Joseph’s House promotes the sanctity of life and the dignity of women by providing a nurturing home for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. The physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the mother and her baby are cared for through the loving direction of staff members and access to resources including, educational, occupational and spiritual in the Catholic tradition, giving them the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.

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For General Inquires Contact Us (315) 701-4981 Or Email Josephshouse4women@gmail.com


Joseph’s House currently has openings for

Director of Fund Development

Joseph’s House has an immediate opening for a Director of Development. Responsibilities include creating and overseeing the implementation of a strategic approach to fundraising which may include major gifts, corporate donations, monthly donors and fundraising resources. For a detailed job description or to submit a resume, please email Maria Miller at maria@jhfw.org .

(1) Live-in female missionary.

Responsibilities include:

Assisting in the daily operations of the home
Sharing Catholic faith and fellowship with our family members
Participating in community functions
Embracing the mission and core values
Growing in communication, conflict management, leadership, organization, responsibility and professional skills

To find out more about these opportunities please contact kitty at 288-0319 or send a resume & cover letter to kitty at kitty@jhfw.org.


Our Hearts Are Overwhelmed To Announce That The Byrnes Family, Of Byrnes Chem Dry, Syracuse, New York Has Opted To Donate The Winning Ticket Back To Joseph’s House To Be Used For Our Ministry!

When 12 year old Erin Byrnes had raised $1000 for Joseph’s House by recycling bottles and cans collected in her neighborhood for the past year, she asked her parents to please buy $200 worth of raffle tickets, but if they won, she would like them to donate the winning ticket back.

When the winning ticket was drawn by Father Richard Prior, the Byrnes name and phone number appeared and the crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable, realizing this was the family of Erin.
When they came forward, Erin’s beautiful parents Bill and Jeanie Byrnes said that it was Erin’s decision to do with the ticket what she wished, since she raised the funds. Erin said she wanted her family to win in order to give it back to Joseph’s House, and that they did!

May God abundantly bless this family and their selflessness!!

A Message from Erin

Note: As the joy of our miracle is spreading, so many of you would like to help Erin with her fundraising effort for Joseph’s House. Erin has asked that we all help by collecting bottles and cans for Joseph’s House, so we are calling the campaign: I “CAN” with Erin for Joseph’s House.  Simply bring your bottles & cans to one of the participating centers and say they are for Joseph’s House.  God bless you on behalf of Erin, our moms, babies and the Joseph’s House family!

Participating locations:

Central City Bottle Redemption Center
224 Chapel Dr. Syracuse

Redemption Center of B'ville
52 Salina St. Baldwinsville

Liverpool Redemption Center
Old Liverpool Rd. Liverpool

Teall Av. Bottle & Can Return
1833 Teall Av. Syracuse

FM Bottle Returnables
202 W. Seneca St. Manlius

Cicero Bottle and Can Return
6195 Route 31 Cicero

If you have questions please email us:

Joseph’s House for Women

Hello Dear Friends of Joseph’s House!

There have been so many miracles in the short history of Joseph’s House, we have been asked by many to share them. You may consider this a type of update on our progress and learn how we are inspired each day to do the work of Our Lord has set before us. He hears our prayers dear friends, because we give our everything to Him each day. If you begin giving your whole being to God each day as you set your feet on the floor, I can promise you, your life will change dramatically. The first thing I noticed was I did an awful lot of cursing at other drivers! That bad habit disappeared rather quickly, as I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to give to God! I challenge you to try this if you never have. Only God knows what he has in store for you!

As I write this to you, we are home to six moms, two toddlers, two infants and are expecting two more precious bundles in the spring. We will also be welcoming our seventh resident next week. I know she will be greeted by our precocious 3 year old
(who I will call Lizzy), with an outstretched hand and “Welcome to Lizzy’s House!” You see even our very youngest residents consider Joseph’s House, THEIR house! What more could we possibly ask for!

We are blessed each day by these young women and their children as they work hard to change their lives. Our lives are joy-filled being able to witness their gratitude for our ministry. We thank you for your prayers and support and ask you to consider helping us with our up-coming fund-raising events by selling raffle tickets at the mall or serving on one of our other committees. Please visit jhfw.org for more opportunities to serve.

As promised, a miracle story appears below.
I will tell you a miracle story that took place this week. Part of the house lost heat on Tuesday. On Wednesday a friend arrived to fix it but was in need of parts. I was in the boiler room with him and he explained what was needed. He let us know later he would have to order the part and did not have the man power to fix it on Thursday. At this point the entire house was very cold and we were concerned about pipes freezing because of the cold nights. Thankfully, somehow the two areas that stayed warm were the nurseries and the dorms. On Thursday our House Manager contacted another individual who also helps with boiler maintenance and after taking the pump apart realized he needed a different part to fix it. He said he turned around to find a box on the floor and in it was exactly the part he needed! I was all over that boiler room on Wednesday and there wasn’t a box on the floor near the boiler! I did mention to St. Joseph in my mind, we couldn’t go much longer without heat. I think someone took that as a prayer! Thank you St. Joseph!!! Thank you, Thank you!

Please believe in miracles my friends, they happen everyday, we only need the eyes to see. How do we get those eyes? By giving our whole day, everyday to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior!

God Bless You Always,
Kitty Spinelli

A Couple Words From Founders
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